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Rogue Sex-Ed Public Comment

Updated: Mar 9, 2023

It is a goal of GSI's to facilitate consistent messaging across Michigan because we know there is strength in clarity.  

GSI has been working diligently to get sex education provided by public schools back into legal compliance.

YOU CAN HAVE AN IMMEDIATE IMPACT by sending the following in a correspondence to your local board of education and also reading it during public comment at a school board meeting.  We would love to see videos of our local heroes making this public comment!

“Rogue Sex-Ed is any and all sex education provided by a public school that does not adhere to the parameters of our stringent Michigan sex education laws including, but not limited to:  

·      Containing sex education to sex education courses and/or classes;


·      Using only SEAB recommended and school board approved curriculum and materials when providing sex education;


·      Providing sex education only by instructors qualified to teach sex education; 


·      Giving parents prior notice of any and all sex education provided by the school at every grade level; 


·      Giving parents an opportunity to review all sex education curriculum and materials prior to its being taught, and


·      Most importantly, the district is to accept written parental notices opting their students out of sex education without negative consequences bestowed on the student.

Many schools across Michigan are currently NOT following these legal provisions.  


Instead, schools have allowed unapproved sex education curriculum and materials to permeate into other subjects and classes, taught by instructors not qualified to teach sex education, and without notice provided to parents or an opportunity for them to review and opt-out. Further, some districts are even rejecting parent written opt-out notices. This is all Rogue Sex-Ed and it is illegal.

Rogue Sex-Ed exposes districts to possible penalties of losing state funding and potential lawsuits because it ignores state protected parental rights, and endangers student safety and privacy. 

As such, our community would like to know -

  • Is the (INSERT NAME OF DISTRICT) in compliance with state law regarding sex education, including a properly formed and functioning SEAB (Sex Ed Advisory Board)? Please provide the names of the SEAB Members and the public reports for the last 4 years.

  • What is being done by our board of education and the superintendent to investigate and eradicate Rogue Sex-Ed in our (INSERT NAME OF DISTRICT)?

  • Is our District accepting and adhering to a parent's written Opt-Out?

Thank you in advance for your attention given to this matter. I have provided the Board with my contact information and I will be awaiting your response."

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