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Rogue Sex-Ed in Michigan Grade Schools Under the Guise of Safety and Inclusivity

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has been illegally embedding sexualized curriculum, tactics, discussions, and paraphernalia in Michigan schools for years. According to Michigan Law all Sex Education must be in an approved curriculum, contained to a sex-ed class, presented by a qualified instructor - AND parents must have the ability to preview and have the option to OPT-OUT!

Below is a portion of a MDE training from 2021 where Rick Joseph, from Birmingham Covington School, presents two ROGUE SEX-ED tactics that MDE promotes - LGBTQ Signage and LGBTQ Books in the classroom library.

Some of the ROGUE SEX-ED books presented are:

  • The GAYBC

  • My Two Uncles

  • This Day in June

  • Tango Makes Three

  • I am Jazz

Rick states,

"There is real power in using 'Read-Alouds' in the classroom to help students become aware of the fact that these are issues that we can talk about wherever and whenever."

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