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Using Counselors to Promote Rogue Sex-Ed in Michigan Grade Schools

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The Michigan Department of Education (MDE) has been illegally embedding sexualized curriculum, tactics, discussions, and paraphernalia in Michigan schools for years. According to Michigan Law all Sex Education must be in an approved curriculum, contained to a sex-ed class, presented by a qualified instructor - AND parents must have the ability to preview and have the option to OPT-OUT!

Below is a portion of a MDE training from 2021 where two teachers discuss the desire and strategy to use the Counseling Departments to promote ROGUE SEX-ED to minors in Grade Schools and Middle Schools.

What is stated in the discussion, is that the sexual / gender conversations had in the counseling departments and in the administration are designed to promote and LGBTQ public response in grade school and middle school students.

The teachers were invited to discuss the training they had received in a break-out session. Following the break-out Erin Prendergast, a staff member from Troy Schools, said,

"They had two people who work at the elementary level that have had at least two kids come out. I find that, given the school I work at at the elementary level, amazing and hopeful. I want to be in those schools and I want to know how they made that happen. Because, I am tired of it being pushed off to the high school level. I've really had enough. So, glad to hear that it is working for some people. I'm super happy about that."

In response to Erin's comments another teacher, Mary Talucci, a teacher at the Norup International School in the Berkely District reveals how they have made this happen in the grade schools and middle schools.

"A lot of it has begun with the counseling department at the elementary level and then continuing to the middle school level but also the administration. We have done a lot at our school to raise awareness. But mostly have the conversation. We have started every single conversation with, 'we really don't know all of the answers but we're willing to hear everything that needs to be talked about and then we can look for them together. That has worked really well for our school in both elementary and middle school."

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