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Straight and LGBTQ Safety and Privacy

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

​​The Great Schools Initiative (GSI) is a non-partisan, non-profit organization which seeks to ensure student safety and privacy and parental control in Michigan public schools. As such, GSI is committed to making safety and privacy of all students, both Straight and LGBTQ, paramount.

Unfortunately, there are many organizations and individuals external to the public schools and some within the public schools who, actively and illegally, violate the core principles of safety, privacy and parental control. Currently, human sexuality seems to be one of the most significant areas violated.

Human sexuality has always been a very personal and sensitive component of life. And children, who, by definition, are not yet mature physically, emotionally, mentally, or spiritually are exceptionally vulnerable to the predatory behaviors of adults who intentionally violate parental choice and state law.

The State of Michigan, in 1976, established very clear and stringent sex education laws. These laws DO NOT prohibit the existence of LGBTQ students, nor do they prohibit a school from teaching about a wide range of sex education topics. Rather, these laws wisely restrict sex education to specific courses and class sections, with an approved curriculum, to be taught by an instructor qualified to teach sex education. These laws are designed to protect the safety of children whose identity, experience, and knowledge are vulnerable. Furthermore, the laws protect the rights of parents to have control over these sensitive areas of their children's lives, providing for the simple and unequivocal right to opt-out without negative ramifications to their student(s).

It is a violation of privacy and a safety issues when teachers, counselors or administrators have conversations or solicit private information from children through polls, quizzes and other communications about human sexuality. State law requires that these practices are contained for sex-ed classes only. This would include promotion of any and all sexual ideologies. Students’ private information is protected by both state law and FERPA. These laws keep all students safe. No student should be “outed” in school.

Illegal, predatory behaviors, including secondarily introducing sexuality within other discussions, are intentionally designed to circumvent the law and violate children’s safety and privacy and circumvent parental control. Regardless of what proponents of the illegal sexualization of children may say, the law and GSI are committed to protecting all children- Straight and LGBTQ- from predatory and illegal sexualization within our public schools.

Learn how you can Opt-Out Today.

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