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Michigan Department of Education Pushing Gender Psycho-Ed on Small Children

Dr. Amorie Robinson / Kofi from The Radical Well Being Center was brought in by the Michigan Department of Education to train teachers and counselors on Gender Psycho-Education.

In the above clip, she encourages among other things:

  • The child should lead the process

  • Gender Fluidity is a normal process and begins in small children as young as 4

  • Normalize the fact that Gender is expansive

  • Push Gender / LGBTQ+ Psycho-Ed throughout the entire school using things like coming out day and gay history month to promote this ideology

  • Use books in library and classrooms to promote Gender / LGBTQ+ Psycho-Ed

The above are examples of illegal, Rogue Sex-Ed being promoted by the Michigan Department of Education in all schools across the state.

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