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Transform public schools through high impact community engagement projects designed to produce orthodox education

Let Kids Be Kids
Opt-Out of 
Rogue Sex Ed

"Every child is precious. It is the parent's job to protect their minds, bodies, and spirits. Opt-Out of the hyper-sexualization occurring in your child's school today!"

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GEI is a non-profit organization designed to coordinate collaborative, high impact, education focused initiatives designed to transform declining  schools into highly effective teaching institutions. 


Here’s What We Provide

Great Education Initiative Great Schools Initiative


Providing legal support to concerned parents regarding current school curriculum and regulations

Great Education Initiative Great Schools Initiative


Working with elected officials and school administrators to ensure children are safe and receiving orthodox education

Great Education Initiative Great Schools Initiative


Building communities of parents working together to support and protect their children’s educational growth and development

Mom, Rochester Hills

It is amazing, after a year of getting little to no response from the school, after I submitted the Opt-Out Form, the administration quickly made accommodations for my son!

Grandmother, Clinton Twp

I'm an interested grandmother that wants to know more what I can do to inform my children to assist my grandchildren.

Mom, Farmington

" Middle School (" " District) was very open to the form. They accepted a copy and provided a signed copy for my records. They also had their opt out form for the 7th grade health class (relevant to my daughter) and I was able to sign that and opt my daughter out of the sex education portion. It was a very pleasant experience.

Dad, Walled Lake

This community is focused and committed on making a great education environment for my kids. 

Mom, Dansville

Thank you so much for organizing this and making a central place for parents to go and feel like they are not alone and have someone bigger than other parents supporting them! 

Mom, Troy

The Opt-Out process for my kids was simple.  The support helps me to know that I am not alone.

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