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  • What is the law that allows for Opt-Out of Sex Ed?
    Michigan passed MCL laws 380.1507 which allows for schools to teach sex education, mandates a Sex Ed Advisory Board, and mandates among other things parental Opt Out. Any school that chooses to teach sex education including "including family planning, human sexuality, and the emotional, physical, psychological, hygienic, economic, and social aspects of family life. Instruction may also include the subjects of reproductive health and the recognition, prevention, and treatment of sexually transmitted disease." must establish a SEAB which provides among other things the right for parents to 'Opt Out'. We are investigating to see how many of Michigan schools are in violation of this law. See more information here.
  • When do the attorneys get involved?
    We have a strong partnership with the Thomas Moore Society out of Chicago. The attorneys are involved throughout this process. They have been involved in the document creation. They are monitoring the feedback and the responses from the parents and school. As we move through the administrative complaint process the attorneys will be selecting specific cases that will have the greatest state-wide impact.
  • Do I need to create an account separate from the download Opt-Out form?
    Yes and No... If you would like to engage in the broader community conversation, including local district discussions, legal learning, and events then you will need to create an account on the GSI website. If you do not want to participate in the community but simply want the Opt-Out Form and relevant news then you do not need a separate account.
  • Why do we need to fill out a form to get to the Opt-Out Form?
    This provides us with your information so that we can keep you up to date on the latest legal issues, issues that we are learning that may come from or impact your school district, as well as inform you on the next steps.
  • Why so many specific examples in the Opt-Out Form?
    Through our experience in litigating against public entities, like schools, we have learned that much of the battle is over definitions. The examples are there to make is abundantly clear what parent's are opting out of. Without the examples any administrative and courtroom decisions can be greatly delayed or thwarted.
  • What if my school won't accept the Opt-Out Form?
    Some schools are illegally refusing to accept the Opt-Out Form. Do not worry, we have a process to deal with this. Fill out the GSI Submission Survey and describe their rejection. This initiative our resolution process.
  • Is GSI anti-LGBTQ?
    No, The Great Schools Initiative is a non-partisan organization focused on ensuring safety, privacy, and parental rights in public schools. According to Michigan law sexuality, gender, and reproductive education must adhere to certain legal constraints. This includes heterosexual and LGBTQ education. These laws are designed to protect the safety, privacy, and parental rights regardless of sexual preference or gender.
  • Many schools already have an Opt-Out Form, why is GSI's necessary?
    While it is true that many schools have an Opt-Out Form, these forms are designed to only provide for an opt-out of the official sex-education class. However, in large number of schools across the state, sex-education is NOT being restricted to the official sex-education class. Rather, sex-education as defined by Michigan law is occurring in many other classes, locations, with uncertified instructors, outside of approved curriculum, and absent a parent's right to opt-out. This means that most school's opt-out forms are not adequate. Recognizing this reality, GSI created an Opt-Out Form that is in compliance with state law and accounts for the 'Rogue Sex-Education" occurring outside of the legal requirements.
  • What happens when the school violates my Opt-Out?
    The process is laid out in the law. There are three administrative phases that need to be pursued: District Level Complaint Intermediate District Level Complaint State Department of Education See our article describing the process : Violation Process
  • What should I do if the the school violates the Opt-Out?
    There is a process that we must follow that includes submitting complaints through the proper channels in your school, the county ED board, and the state. We are working on templates that you will be able to use as violations occur. We are also developing additional online resources that will assist in the complaint process. 1. Keep good records, time, date, specific violations. If at all possible get hard evidence, documents, handouts, email correspondence... 2. Follow the SEAB Violation process. We will link here 3. Let your District Ambassador know what has happened. 4. Fill out a Violation Form here
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