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The State of Michigan has strong laws regarding schools and sex education.  Parents have the right to Opt-Out their student from any and all sex education, discussion, promotion, and coercion without penalty to the student.

GSI, in partnership with the Thomas More Society, has created an Opt-Out Form that can be used in in any public school.

According to Michigan Law, the school must comply with the parent's Opt-Out demand.  If a violation occurs, the state law has a defined grievance process, that can include legal action.

Step 1 - Click "Download" button.

Step 2 - Fill out the Download Form.  (The ONLY mandatory information is the School District).  By filling out the form, this allows us to provide you with updated forms, legal education, local problems to watch for, and next steps for violations.

Step 3 - Fill out your form. & Download

Step 4 - Make a copy for your records.

Step 5  - Email or drop off your form to your school.

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