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GEI Provides Every Superintendent the Truth about Michigan Department of Education's Risky Memo

Updated: Dec 4, 2023

The Great Education Initiative has issued a response letter to the Michigan Department of Education (MDE) regarding its recent guidance on sex education opt-out rights. The MDE letter was sent to the superintendent of each public school district in Michigan, as well as the State Superintendent Dr. Michael Rice.

The MDE guidance encourages schools to reject parents' right to opt-out their child from sex education. The guidance is in direct violation of Michigan state law. Michigan law provides that it is a fundamental right for parents to direct the upbringing and education of their children. It remains the parents' decision whether or not their child participates in sex education.

GEI is putting the Michigan Department of Education on notice, to retract this guidance and to respect the rights of parents to make decisions about their children's education while upholding Michigan law. Furthermore, we are encouraging local school districts to reject the MDE’s non-binding guidance, properly comply with Michigan law, and respect the rights of parents.

“Sex education is an important topic that should be taught to children in an age-appropriate, medically accurate, and culturally sensitive manner, said Monica Yatooma, Director of Partner Relationships and spokesperson for GEI.
“Every child is unique and parents are in the best position to determine what is appropriate for their child. By denying parents the right to opt their children out of sex education, the Michigan Department of Education is undermining the role of parents in their children's education. This is not an attack on sex education or the importance of learning about sexual health; it is a call for parents to have a say in what and when their children are taught.”

The Great Education Initiative will continue to advocate for parents and children's rights in education and will fight against any illegal guidance that goes against those rights.

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