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Assault on Parental Rights ACT - MI ACT103

Updated: Dec 4, 2023


MI Act 103, The Assault on Parental Rights Act, as passed in 2023, is an amendment to the 1979 PA 94, which is an act to make appropriations to aid in the support of public schools and intermediate school districts[8]. As part of this 171 page Act, the State of Michigan has repealed MCL 388.1766 and MCL 380.1766a.  These two laws provided

the ability for parents to use an inexpensive administrative complaint process when a school violated the law.  The Assault on Parental Rights Act is an attempt to remove parents from their children’s education!

The State intentionally removed the administrative complaint process, which was a crucial tool for parents to ensure that schools were held accountable for their actions. It provided a simple and inexpensive means for parents to file a

complaint against a school they believed had violated the law. This process was designed to be accessible to all parents, regardless of their income or education level. By removing this process, The Assault on Parental Rights Act has made it more difficult and more expensive for parents to hold schools accountable for their actions.

Furthermore, The Assault on Parental Rights Act violates due process by failing to provide an alternative means of enforcing important laws like MCL 380.1507 (Michigan’s Rogue Sex Education Laws). Due process is a fundamental right that ensures individuals are treated fairly and justly. By failing to provide an alternative means of enforcement, the government is effectively denying parents and students their right to due process.

What About the Sex Ed Laws?

While the Assault on Parental Rights Act has removed the administrative mechanism that parents can use when a school violates laws like the Rogue Sex Education Laws (MCL 380.1507), it DID NOT repeal the Sex Ed Laws!  Specifically, MCL 380.1507 is still intact and The Great Schools Initiative’s Opt Out Form is still intact.  We encourage parents across the state to fill out the forms and submit them to their school.  However, if a school violates their rights by rejecting the form, the process has changed.  We can no longer utilize the administrative process.  Our only recourse is court.  This increases the cost for parents and schools.  It is important to state that the GEI support of parent's who have had their rights and their student’s rights violated by Rogue Sex Ed in our public schools continues to move forward.

What Can We Do?

First, it is important to state that The Great Schools Initiative is continuing to pursue legal action on behalf of parents and

children.  Consider financially supporting The Great Education Initiative, so that we can offer parents free legal counsel, win critical cases, and set precedent across the state of Michigan.

Second, parents must get involved.  You can join a GEI Chapter or GEI Partner Organization.  GEI is providing education and training across the state for those who want to organize and return to high quality education.  As parents, grandparents, and concerned citizens come together we gain significant power over the institutions that have, for far too long, fought us and ignored us.  

Finally, speak out.  Share this story and others like it where your school and state are Assaulting your Parental Rights.  Silence and isolation kill.  But a massive organized parent’s movement cannot be ignored. Our voices will be heard!



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