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Press Release - Assault on Parental Rights Act

Updated: Nov 30, 2023

For Immediate Release


Contact: Connie Johnson

Phone: 517.901.7272




Lansing, MI – Under Michigan law, parents may optout of sexual education classes by submitting a written statement to the schools. Great Schools Initiative (GSI) has provided a comprehensive opt-out form, which covers parental choices above and beyond what a school form might provide. This Form is designed to include an opt-out of the traditional sex education class as well as occurrences of rogue sex ed. Rogue sex-ed is the indiscriminate introduction of sex, sexuality, and sexualized material in non-sex-ed classes and curriculum. Furthermore, GSI is providing parents pro-bono legal services when schools violate the law, which has included support for administrative complaints.

Recently, however, the Michigan legislature repealed MCL 388.1766 & 388.1766a. 388.1766a provided for a loss of funding if a school did not follow the statutory requirements when offering sex education. It also outlined the administrative complaint process by which parents could submit a complaint for a violation. 388.1766 was the disciplinary process for any person referring a student to abortion and abortion services. Note that MCL 380.1507 still prohibits teaching abortion in a sex ed class.

Act 103 of 2023, a 171-page document encompassing the multibillion-dollar school appropriations budget, repealed the administrative complaint legislation but does not address, update, or even define any remedy for parents who have suffered a violation of their rights under the law at the hands of schools.

In repealing the statutes allowing for complaints to be made at the district, county, and state level, the state has made the process arguably more difficult and expensive. The only remaining remedy to families suffering violations would be to sue their local schools. This is a calculated assault on parental rights.

GSI recognizes that all parents have the right to determine and direct the care, teaching, and education of their children. Helping parents and schools to find common ground creates opportunities to increase the quality of education. GSI partners with parents and schools to bridge the gap for this collaboration to stay focused on what clearly matters—education.

For more information please contact: (517) 901-7272


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