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Enables a bold Get Out the Vote Project, providing the Chaldean Community a greater voice in Michigan!

GEI is launching a crucial GOTV project designed to register new voters and encourage the community to Get Out and Vote.


Voting is one of the primary ways that community members can make their voice heard and impact policies the affect their businesses, families, and culture.

The Chaldean American community is a sizeable Iraqi Christian community with deep family values and a strong work ethic.  

The  project is a targeted voter outreach program within the Chaldean Community in Metro Detroit aimed at increasing voter turnout by 25-30%. Our strategy involves implementing a paid phone banker program staffed by Chaldean individuals fluent in Arabic, English, and Sureth to effectively engage with community members and register people to vote. Through personalized conversations and language accessibility, we aim to significantly boost participation and representation within this demographic during upcoming elections.

Donations up to $1,000 can be made online, here.

Donations above $1000 can be made by ACH.  Reach out to us at for ACH information.

For Donations Over 1k

For Donations Under 1k

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